(meteorobs) louisiana perseids

Dave Hostetter dehostetter at cox.net
Sun Aug 14 21:27:58 EDT 2011

I'm afraid we didn't get limiting magnitudes here that were dark enough for
good observations, but at least I had a pleasant morning under the stars!  I
set up with direct moonlight shadowed by a giant wisteria and saw 10
Perseids in 2 hours of TEFF.  Two were beauties, at -3 and -4 magnitudes,
with trains that stayed visible for several seconds.  I was in general
looking away from the moon into the "darkest" part of the sky.

It wasn't the greatest shower I've seen, but I've had such rotten luck with
weather and meteor showers for the last couple years that it was really good
to see.

Dave Hostetter
New Iberia, LA

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