(meteorobs) Perseid pic from space

Marco Langbroek marco.langbroek at wanadoo.nl
Tue Aug 16 12:12:09 EDT 2011

Op 16-8-2011 17:14, dfischer at astro.uni-bonn.de schreef:
>> Also, if you look at the earth below, it appears to be cloudy. And
>> daytime.
> Nope, this is moonlight on the clouds! You can read out the meta-data of
> the image and see that it's a 1-second exposure at f/2.8 at ISO 6400,taken
> at 19:17 (UTC, I'm being told by an ISS photography expert) on August 13

ISS was moving from the Gobi near the Chinese-Mongolian border to Beijing, 
approx. 44-42 N, 111-115 E, at that time. And it was indeed night-time.

- Marco

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