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Bob, Your forecast for the moon-struck Geminids is encouraging!  I was completely clouded-out for the PER max.  My most discouraging morning attempt was on 12 August, when I was clouded-out as soon as I arrived at Bel Alton, MD. Rich > From: lunro.imo.usa at cox.net
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> Subject: (meteorobs) Perseid Max from SoCal
> Unlike the previous night, the day was mostly clear and it remained that way into the evening hours. I once again drove up to the 
> mountains to view from the western slopes of the Laguna Mountains. I had a late start as we had to wait for one of my son's friends 
> to show up at the house before leaving. It was clear along the coast but the stratus was quickly forming so there would be no 
> Perseid viewing from the coastal regions of San Diego. Upon arrival the sky in the mountains was totally clear but appeared a bit 
> more washed out compared to the previous night. The initial limiting magnitudes were near +5.4, just a bit worse than the previous 
> night. There was no sign of the Milky Way anywhere in the sky and M31 was invisible to the naked eye. I started counting at 1:25 
> PDT, facing northward toward Cepheus. Activity was good the first 95 minutes, with 25 meteors being counted, 19 of those belonging 
> to the Perseid shower. During the period 2:30-3:00, I noticed a few puffs of clouds appearing in the east. By 3:30, these clouds 
> were obscuring 50% of my view and causing real problems. Unfortunately they stuck around the remainder of the morning and only 16 
> more meteors were seen.
> In all I counted 41 meteors in 3.53 hours, 33 were members of the Perseid shower. There were no fireballs seen as the brightest 
> meteor was magnitude -2. I did not notice any activity from the other minor showers.
> I have heard varying descriptions of this shower but to me, it was weak beyond the effect of the moonlight. The Geminids will also 
> peak under a bright moon later this year and they will easily surpass the numbers produced by the Perseids this year.
> Clear Skies!
> Robert Lunsford 
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