(meteorobs) Perseids Cygnids and more

Alex SV1NZX sw1nzx at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 10:03:23 EDT 2011

Hello all

This is my first email to the list and since I am located, as part of my
holidays, on Ios island, a few km north of Santorini (Cyclades) I'd like to
share my observations as seen in 2 nights

22-23/08: 23:00-00:30 utc
Perseids. : 10 with mag +1 and lower
K-Cygnids (?) : 5 all +1 or lower (best mag +1 3s without train)
SPO.      : 3 (no identifiable radiant)

24/08: 00:00-01:30 utc (concentrating on Cygnus more..)
Perseids  : 3 (best mag +2)
K-Cygnids(?) : 8 (best mag -1 4s no train)
Highlight of the night was a 5s +2 slowmoving meteor running from right to
left across the top of Ursa Major as it was setting.

Very clear nights here with a brilliant view of Cygnus right through the
night. No fireballs but, even with the waning moon, an easily observable
night sky.

Best regards,
Alex Daskalakis
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