(meteorobs) Looking for decent references on Fisheye to Az/El methods

Rob Weryk rjweryk at uwo.ca
Sun Aug 28 11:37:42 EDT 2011

Hi James,

> I've seen a few posts here and there eluding to this, and am 
> sure there is a LOT of data out there somewhere - the ASGARD 
> system is a demonstration of the success, as an example. I am 
> looking for decent methodology references to convert from m x n 
> pixel locations (x,y) to angle from camera boresight for a 
> fisheye-type lens CCD image, given known first or second order 
> parameters such as focal length, and pixel values such as image 
> boundaries and center.

For ASGARD, I use Jiri's method which is documented in the 
following paper :


I'm sure there are many ways in matlab to perform a non-linear 
fit for the equations in that paper.


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