(meteorobs) 2011 Quads from St. Augustine, Florida

Paul Jones jonesp0854 at gmail.com
Tue Jan 4 13:06:15 EST 2011

It's been a while since I've posted to meteorobs.  Last year, I moved to a
new darker sky location in St. Augustine that has given me the chance to
make somewhat better quality and more frequent observations, albeit with
some of the usual backyard tree obstruction issues.

The following is a brief summary of my 2011 Quadrantid observations this
morning from my new observing location, 5 miles SW of St. Augustine,

Date:  January 3/4, 2011  8:25 - 10:25 UT (3:25 - 5:25 a.m. EST)
St. Augustine, Florida, USA ; 29.9 N lat, 81.33 W long  10 meters elevation
Temperature: 37 degrees Farenheit

First period:
8:25 - 9:25 UT; Teff=1.00, Lm=6.2  30% horizon obstruction (trees)
QUA - 12
ANT - 1
SPO - 9
Total - 22 meteors

Second period:
9:25 - 10:25 UT; Teff=1.00, Lm=6.2  30% horizon obstruction (trees)
QUA - 28
ANT - 1
SPO - 10
Total - 39 meteors

I always face SSW as this is my darkest and widest sky coverage.  Meteor
magnitudes to follow when the tape is deciphered.  No fireballs, brightest
QUAs were two at minus one.  Several other long-pathed and bright QUAs,
along with a fair number of short, faint ones were seen.

Hope to be better at contributing meaningful observations of at least the
major showers from now on.   Bare with me on format errors as I reacquaint
myself with the meteor observing method.  2011 is my 37th year of meteor
watching!  Where has the time gone...;o)?

Clear skies, Paul Jones in St. Augustine, Florida, USA

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