(meteorobs) Increase in Large green fireballs?

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So what is the distance criteria before you issue these "predictions"? 3 LD?
What is the scientific support for your assertion that these lead to

Still awaiting confirmation that the "Mississippi" Fireball is related to
any of the "close approach" asteroids in your last announcement.

The number of close approaching (< 0.2 AU) asteroids listed on the JPL
Sentry page for the rest of January is 11 in 15 days (0.7/day), lower than
Feb (24/28= 0.9/day), and only a little higher than March (19/31 = 0.5/day).
Of course, more small new ones are discovered early every day due to the
many searches underway.


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Dear List,

Expect more green meteor fireball activity through the end of JAN 2011 Just
prior to, during, and just after the 17th and 28th a higher probability of
green meteor fireballs is predicted by Meteor/Meteorite News.  Keep your
cameras ready and get outside to watch!
Dirk Ross...Tokyo
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