(meteorobs) Increase in Large green fireballs?

Wayne Hally meteoreye at comcast.net
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I'd like to document a few things.

Jan 9-31 Asteroid Close approaches < 0.2 AU/day 1.17 ; excluding new
discoveries 0.74
Feb; <0.2 AU 0.86, 0.71
Mar; <0.2 AU 0.61, 0.61
Apr; <0.2 AU 0.60, 0.60

More breathless predictions:

Mar 3-17, 1.2/day less than 0.2 AU; 0 less than 10X Lunar Distance
Mar 31-Apr 6, 1.1/day < 0.2 U; 0 less than 10X Lunar Distance


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Dear List,

Expect more green meteor fireball activity through the end of JAN 2011 Just
prior to, during, and just after the 17th and 28th a higher probability of
green meteor fireballs is predicted by Meteor/Meteorite News.  Keep your
cameras ready and get outside to watch!
Dirk Ross...Tokyo
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