(meteorobs) Two Major Fireballs Over North America on January 19

Robert Lunsford lunro.imo.usa at cox.net
Thu Jan 20 16:26:04 EST 2011

The American Meteor Society has received 39 reports of seven separate fireball events over North America on January 19th. Two of 
these were widely seen events. Both of these events occurred near 21:00 EST. The first occurred  over the northern Midwest and 
southern Canada. There is some wide scattered timing of this event and the possibility exists that this may be more than one 
fireball. The second occurred over the southeastern states and was seen from Florida north to North Carolina. There is good 
agreement for the timing plus it seems to been a bit brighter with a majority of those reporting that the peak brightness exceeded 
that of the full moon.

For more details please visit the AMS website at: 

Refer to reports 83 and 86.

Clear Skies!

Robert Lunsford
American Meteor Society 

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