(meteorobs) ETAs from southern Maryland on 5 May (UT)

Richard Taibi rjtaibi at hotmail.com
Thu May 5 17:35:19 EDT 2011

Like Paul Jones, I was the lucky beneficiary of a clear cold air mass from Canada.  It cleared away the mid Atlantic humidity and its breeze scattered the tree pollen.  My field center was high in the eastern sky, the darkest for me anyway, but with this northern air and no moon, the sky was almost a magnitude darker than usual!  The report below is a simplified version of the report filed with IMO, which as of this mailing time, does not yet have an ETA Quick Look report.
5 May 2011; 712-837 UT/ 312-437 a.m, EDT 
Bel Alton, Maryland, USA (76d 59mW longitude; 38d 28m N latitude)
712-813 UT, Teff=1.02, F=1.00, Lm=5.7, Field Ctr= Albireo/ beta Cyg
ETA +2, +3, 
SPO +1
817-837 UT, Teff= 0.33, F=1.00, Lm=5.7, Field Ctr= Delphinus
ETA 0 mag
SPO +2, +4

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