(meteorobs) (Meteorobs) OT Electrophonic Meteors - again

drobnock drobnock at penn.com
Tue May 10 07:55:07 EDT 2011

For one of those of slow evenings,   I offer the following off topic
sites to read..


"Electrophonic meteors may provide clues to why engines cut out during
UFO sightings"

The discussion is about electrophonic-VLF pulses creating a disruption
of electrical systems in  cars and trucks.

One of the issues that seems to be ignored is the 1859 Aurora event that
allowed telegraphic systems to be operated  for an extended period with
out the uses of a battery. The electrical pulse induction into the
telegraph from the aurora created an electrical current that activated
the system.

If nothing else,  those interested in VLF pulses from meteors may enjoy
the read.
George John Drobnock

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