(meteorobs) (Meteorobs) OT Electrophonic Meteors - again

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Very suspect....

Such magnetic coupling would have a high intrinsic impedance, and therefore would be very questionable for telegraphic operation.

This is similar to the idea (wives tale) that a farmer can use a wire running along a power line to run things like welders and house appliances.  Even though you can get a voltage, the maximum power transfer theorem gets in the way.  e.g. you'll only get a few milli-amperes out of it due to the transformed impedance at the load point.  You might be able to run a small LED, but that's about it.


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> For one of those of slow
> evenings,   I offer the following off topic
> sites to read..
>  http://www.abovetopsecret.com/forum/thread681024/pg1
> "Electrophonic meteors may provide clues to why engines cut
> out during
> UFO sightings"
> The discussion is about electrophonic-VLF pulses creating a
> disruption
> of electrical systems in  cars and trucks.
> One of the issues that seems to be ignored is the 1859
> Aurora event that
> allowed telegraphic systems to be operated  for an
> extended period with
> out the uses of a battery. The electrical pulse induction
> into the
> telegraph from the aurora created an electrical current
> that activated
> the system.
> If nothing else,  those interested in VLF pulses from
> meteors may enjoy
> the read.
> George John Drobnock
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