(meteorobs) (Meteorobs) OT Electrophonic Meteors - again

drobnock drobnock at penn.com
Tue May 10 10:42:53 EDT 2011

Very suspect....

Such magnetic coupling would have a high intrinsic impedance, and
therefore would be very questionable for telegraphic operation.

As an aside the Aurora of August and September 1859 was well documented
and carried in popular press of the period. There may be some doubt
about a solar activity creating a massive EMP.  But even today we worry
about such storms disrupting communications or our power grids.

The information about the self inducting telegraphs was documented by a
Professor Elias Loomis of Yale. His missive was presented in Harpers of
1859. A summary of his findings and opinions appeared in 1869  "Chemical
Survey News and Journal of Physical Science" pp 337-338. google aurora
1859 loomis

George John Drobnock

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