(meteorobs) FW: NJ crater in lawn Meteorite blamed

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Wed May 11 15:49:45 EDT 2011

Hi Dirk,

I spoke to the police captain, and he said any utilities such as gas or
electric lines were fine. No explosives were detected. It does not look
meteoritic to me, but I have no explanation at this point. The homeowner has
contacted me (voicemail only so far, missed picking up the phone by 3
seconds). I think I will be able to stop by later this week and take a
closer look.
 Also, the captain sent me some more photos, which I am about to look at
now. Hopefully, some clues...


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Wayne and List,  Thank you, Wayne!  Please take a magnet (neodynium) along
with you.  As I posted you privately this may be a gas line rupture.  I have
contacted the reporter but have not had a reply yet except that she seeks
advice about meteorites.  IF??? there was a meteorite that struck there it
must have been picked up....but the persons removing the "meteorite" would
have missed small fragments that would have spalled off.  A magnet will be
required IF indeed it was a meteorite that cause this (I still smell a fish
at this point in time).  Thank you Wayne and List.  IF anyone else is going
to be involved please kindly contact me offlist.  Thank you!  Dirk

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I have reached out to the local officials to see if the homeowners will
permit me to visit, and have contacted the school where the seismic event
was recorded to try and get more details. Will report on any progress.
Unfortunately, the event is 5 days old, and based on the picture in the
article, I'm sure it has been cleaned up. Still, if I can, I will take a

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It's not too far away, I'll check into it. I'm skeptical, since a trench
that size carved by a meteorite would have had to be traveling at space
velocity, and it probably would not have disintegrated completely. It would
have to be travelling almost parallel to the ground, since even impactors at
20 degrees create a circular crater. There are no AMS fireball reports so
far on that morning, if a meteoroid had hit the ground at that speed  it
would have been widely seen and reported. I'll see if I can get in touch
with the homeowners and pay a visit; I'll be out that general direction this

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Dear List,  This event has not been confirmed by any meteorite experts.
Explosives have been ruled out by police. No meteorite found. Seismograph
indicates "event"  at 11:35 am (may not be related?).  Seems to be a mystery
"fishy meteorite" to me.  Anyone else smell fish?  Maybe a ruptured gas
line?  Wayne Halley would you be interested in checking into this? 


Best Regards,  Dirk Ross...Tokyo

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