(meteorobs) FW: NJ crater in lawn Meteorite blamed

Marco Langbroek marco.langbroek at wanadoo.nl
Thu May 12 05:38:23 EDT 2011

Op 12-5-2011 03:05, James Beauchamp schreef:
> Looks suspect to me as well.  I'm not a forensic expert, but I'm thinking the intact roots sticking up indicate it originated from below.  It just doesn't look right for an object coming from above.
> Also, it looks like this is under a tree.  If something came from above, there might be damage to the canopy.  Obviously can't see that on the picture.
> I'm thinking it was maybe a methane filled pocket such as an old manhole, abandoned gas pipe, or water-eroded sinkhole.
> Isn't this fracking country?
> Interesting indeed.

Are there signs of a high groundwater table? Lightning strikes in areas with a 
high groundwater level can create steam explosions. Look for possible lightning 
damage on nearby trees as well.

- Marco

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