(meteorobs) FW: NJ crater in lawn Meteorite blamed

KDConod kdconod at yahoo.com
Sat May 14 15:15:13 EDT 2011

>The head of the local college planetarium was there the last 2 days  digging
>at  the site, with metal detectors as well, nothing was found. Of course,
>like  most astronomers, meteoritics and meteorics are not his specialty.

Jerry Vinski was quoted in Newark's Star Ledger which picked up the story 
yesterday. Not sure what kid of metal detector he used, but they did not get any 
result.  Unfortunately the impact was nearly a week ago now and the site has 
probably been trampled on by scores of people. And now we've got rain moving in 
- so in the end we may never know what this was!
Kevin Conod
kdconod at yahoo.com

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