(meteorobs) Giacobinids quiet October 7/8 2011

Pierre Martin pmartin at teksavvy.com
Sat Oct 8 10:16:07 EDT 2011

Hi all,

A quick summary... I watched for 3 hours last night (between  
0100-0400UT or 2100-0000 local time) under reasonably nice, very mild  
and clear skies (LM 5.0-5.2).  I kept the moon behind a large umbrella  
and I faced the north.  I saw a handful of sporadics and a couple of  
possible Taurids but no signs of any Draconids.
I expect to be out again this evening as soon as possible after  
sunset, in the hopes of catching a lingering activity or some kind of  
background effect (perhaps something like what happened hours after  
the main outburst in 1998).

Clear skies and good luck to all in Europe and Asia who'll be watching!

Pierre Martin
Ottawa, Ontario

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