(meteorobs) Southeastern USA Fireball - October 24, 2011

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After reading his e-mail message, I myself didn't get the impression that Wayne was suggesting that people in the Southeast US mistook last night's aurora for a fireball.  

Rather . . . people were out admiring the aurora (probably alerted to it by TV and radio reports) and fortuitiously were outside when the fireball streaked across the sky.  The aurora was apparently visible as far south as Arkansas . . . most saw it as a distinct reddish glow in the north-northeast part of the sky.  For more details go to www.spaceweather.com

-- joe rao

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Dear Wayne,  Are you suggesting this SOUTHEASTERN US fireball report
as mis-perceived aurora sighting???  If not are you just commenting
hat there was an unrelated large number of folks out observing one of
he many meteor showers and this comment is not suggesting the
ireball observation was a drastic case of mistaken identity?
I saw no aurora down here in East Tennessee and was out till after 9pm local.
What is your scientific explanation for your theory that 25 observers
ere mistaken and your assumption is more accurate?
On Tue, Oct 25, 2011 at 4:32 PM, Wayne Hally <meteoreye at comcast.net> wrote:
 Probably lots of folks out watching the spectacular aurora!

 Of course, cloudy here....

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 The American Meteor Society has so far received approximately 25 reports of
 a dazzling fireball over the southeastern USA including Georgia, Tennessee,
 and the Carolinas.  This event occurred near 7:20pm EDT Monday evening
 October 24th. Of the reports received so far, white is the most mentioned
 color. Many reports also mention orange and yellow colors.  The average
 brightness reported by witnesses was near the light produced by a full moon.

 In the AMS fireball table, located at:


 refer to event #1227 for 2011.

 Clear Skies!

 Robert Lunsford
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