(meteorobs) bright flash in sky over Los Angeles 3/29/20126:29am

Jim Wooddell nf114ec at npgcable.com
Sun Apr 1 10:19:05 EDT 2012

Hi Jim,

I believe the Riverside cam caught it in movie mode or???  We checked with a couple of cams and Richard claimed he caught it but had to leave town.  He should be back today and may will give more information.



Jim Wooddell

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    I checked all CA cams for your event and did not find any imagery which correlates w/ your time. Here's the URL so you can search...  http://skysentinel.nmsu.edu/allsky/ 
  Good luck! 
  Jim Gamble
  El Paso Station
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  Hello All,

  This morning wile driving NE on the 10 at N. Soto Street in Los Angeles, my father and I noticed a spectacular brightening of the pre-dawn sky (through moderately dense fog!) that illuminated all surroundings for 1-2 seconds -- long enough for me to look around and left towards USC's Keck Medical Center, which was illuminated to the point of being colorless/white (brighter than midday).  I saw it as a running succession of 2-3 flashes, but my father stated that he observed a single continuous brightening.  

  I believe what we saw was the terminal burst of a large bolide, but was unable to gather any additional observations due to the fog.  Does anyone know if it might be worthwhile to look at radar for the area?  I looked at my cellphone moments after the burst (Verizon is my carrier) and the clock read 6:29am.  

  I have no further information as to the direction/location of the burst; the fog lit up, as did everything else in sight.  Since the face of the hospital was well-lit by the event, I think it unlikely that the burst occurred to the northwest of our location, but I do not know how fog might diffuse light from such an event.

  Any help/advice would be appreciated.  I've been trolling the internet for the past several hours, to no avail.  

  Jason Utas


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