(meteorobs) Central Texas daylight (noontime) fireball on April 3

dfischer at astro.uni-bonn.de dfischer at astro.uni-bonn.de
Wed Apr 11 15:09:08 EDT 2012

> "How badly downhill can science reporting go?!"
> don't worry....it'll hit bottom soon enough...

Case in point is Space.com, actually: in
http://www.space.com/15238-daytime-fireball-texas-real.html they now talk
about "many experts" who doubted the reality of the Texas fireball when it
fact it had only been their own article that had done so. An apology to
their readers for a stunning double-screw-up? No way, better blame it on
unnamed 'experts' ...


P.S.: Now wondering - *is* there any video or still photo coverage of that
daylight fireball? Since night events are typically caught by at least a
few people (and/or surveillance cameras), shouldn't that have happened at
noon, too?

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