(meteorobs) Wasted night

Dave Radomski - KTØH kt0h at comcast.net
Sun Apr 22 16:56:55 EDT 2012

My experience last night... Just east of Denver... Equipment Nikon D-300 w/F1.8 28mm, 20 sec back-to-back exposures

21 Apr 2230-2300 MDT ... Too cloudy 

22 Apr 0345-0510 MDT - 2 (maybe 3) satellites

... Sigh

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1)     Take a nap from 10-midnight while Lyrid radiant crawls out of the muck. 

2)    Wake up at midnight, check satellite forecasts, get dressed.

3)   Head out to Blackfoot or alternate.

4)   Observe Lyrids from 1-4.

5)   Return home refreshed from another great observing experience. 



1)     Sleep through alarm, wake up at 2:30.

2)    Rush to get stuff together, don't check satellite, briefly check sky which looks not too bad in direction of Vega.

3)   Head out towards Blackfoot, but during the drive start to notice there are hardly any stars.

4)   "Observe" through thickening clouds from 3:30-4:30. Final count: 2 Lyrids.

5)   Sigh.





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