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Anthony DeBartolo debartolo at hydeparkmedia.com
Mon Apr 23 13:54:46 EDT 2012

saw nothing in chicago over the weekend —— but have a question for you experienced meteor watchers…

last mid- through late- october, i witnessed in the northeast sky along the western shore of lake michigan, just a few blocks north of the city of chicago, what i thought were the orionids - but there was no movement across the sky of the mainly red fireballs i saw - it was as if they came straight at my location & only appeared as round red points of light….as for size -- hold the eraser end of a pencil at arm’s length from your head, and the size of the eraser you’ll see is pretty much the size of what i saw…

also, some would morph from red to white before fading out….AND during an especially busy period, even saw a large blast & plumb of purple - this was witnessed only once.

transfixed by the nightly event occuring right outside my window, for some reason, didn’t even think of grabbing my video camera.

as it turned out, i happened to be in flagstaff later that month around halloween, & stopped in at lowell’s observatory for some info, ‘cause i knew zip about meteor showers.

they informed me the red i saw was hydrogen burning, and the purple was silver.

silver? how common is that?

many thanks…

ps -- have every intention of fully documenting the event if it repeats again here in october....any (simple) advice for achieving that photographic task would be greatly appreciated.

Anthony DeBartolo

On Apr 23, 2012, at 12:19 PM, Stuart McDaniel wrote:

That is the one I originally saw.

Stuart McDaniel
Lawndale, NC
Cleve. Co. Astronomical Society

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Sirius Meteorites

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Can someone confirm that image shown in
is indeed of that bolide? If so, one of the coolest meteor pictures in a
long time ...


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