(meteorobs) Fireball over Croatia on 27 December 2011, at 02:24 T.U.

Segon Damir damir.segon at pu.htnet.hr
Wed Jan 4 11:39:14 EST 2012


Yes, it has been captured by at least 4 Croatian Meteor Network stations - 
first rough calculations show it started at 103km and entrance velocity of 
arround 35km/sec, terminal point at 39.2km and terminal velocity of 
moreless10km/sec (so no meteorite fall this time).

All the best,
Damir Segon, CMN

>I filmed the fireball near the horizon from Venice Italy.
> http://meteore.uai.it/b2011/b2011_12.htm
> I would like know if there are other observations.
> Tanks
> Maurizio Eltri
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