(meteorobs) 2012 Quads from north Florida

Paul Jones jonesp0854 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 17:17:31 EST 2012

Well, I started in at 0255 EST (0755 UT) with high hopes and after a couple
of lovely, long-pathed Quads soon after settling in, I was pretty
optimistic for a good show.   After that, however, the Quads seemed to
quiet down quite a bit and never really did regain any momentum from where
I sat at least.  Here is the data for the total ninety minute session:

Location:  5 miles SW of St. Augustine, Florida
0755 - 0825 UT (0255 - 0325 EST)  LM: 6.5, F: 1.00, Teff: .5 hour. Facing
south (northern sky awash in light pollution from town)

6 Quads
2 sporadics
9 total meteors

Quad mags: -1 (1), +1 (1), +2 (1), +3 (2), +4 (1)

0825 - 0925 UT (0325 - 0425 EST) LM: 6.5, F: 1.00, Teff: 1.0 hour Facing

12 Quads
11 sporadics
25 total meteors

Quad mags: 0 (1), +1 (1), +2 (2), +3 (5), +4 (2), +5 (1)

The highlight of the second hour was not even a Quad, it was a lovely
orange, minus two sporadic in the eastern sky with a long spreading train.
There was no sign of activity picking up at all and with temps in the low
twenties, I decided to give it up.  My observations seem to be similar to
other east cost U. S. observers, and far under what I was hoping to get.
This was a far cry from the 1985 Quad shower I saw that hit 60 an hour with
several fireballs.  I'm just glad that several observers had a chance to
see them, with good weather over most of the U. S. Seems like the Europeans
had a great look at them, too.  On to the next one now...;o).

Clear skies, Paul in St. Augustine
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