(meteorobs) "Whizzer" - magnified and dissected

Jim Wooddell nf114ec at npgcable.com
Thu Jan 5 12:38:01 EST 2012

Hi Thomas,

Yes the acrylic dome is a killer, for sure.  Most lens makers can supply 
specifications on the warping created by the lens.
Sunex, for example, even has a program  called Dewarper to straighten out 
warping issues on specific lenses they make.  So, with the plastic cover, it 
just compounds the issues and  true optical dome covers are 

I have seen flower arrangements that use a glass dome/cover to protect the 
flowers.  I wonder if these might be any good or just better than the 
plastic domes???


Jim Wooddell

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> It would be nice to have a research-grade optical quality glass dome
> that the camera images through instead of the dense acrylic dome which
> is somewhat distorting.

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