(meteorobs) Glass domes (was "Whizzer" - magnified and dissected)

James Beauchamp falcon99 at sbcglobal.net
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Hi Mark.  I've been wondering the same thing as Tom.    My acrylic dome is starting to milk due to the UV and weather exposure.   
There doesn't seem to be much "middle ground" with domes.  I don't need a dome with precision laboratory optical quality, yet want something better than the acrylic.
Hobby manufacturer maybe?

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Subject: (meteorobs) Glass domes (was "Whizzer" - magnified and dissected)
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Edmund Optics has some glass domes available.  Small but still relatively pricey.  http://www.edmundoptics.com/products/displayproduct.cfm?productid=3147
Has anybody used these or have an opinion?
Mark B.
Vail, AZ

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Hi Thomas,

Yes the acrylic dome is a killer, for sure.  Most lens makers can supply
specifications on the warping created by the lens.
Sunex, for example, even has a program  called Dewarper to straighten out 
warping issues on specific lenses they make.  So, with the plastic cover, it 
just compounds the issues and  true optical dome covers are 

I have seen flower arrangements that use a glass dome/cover to protect the 
flowers.  I wonder if these might be any good or just better than the 
plastic domes???


Jim Wooddell

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> It would be nice to have a research-grade optical quality glass dome
> that the camera images through instead of the dense acrylic dome which
> is somewhat distorting.

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