(meteorobs) Stacking help needed for long meteor capture please

Thomas Ashcraft ashcraft at heliotown.com
Sat Jan 21 16:37:48 EST 2012

(This is a re-send.  Sorry if you received this twice.  No need for a 
stacked image now.  Thank you. )

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Subject: 	Stacking help needed for long meteor capture please
Date: 	Sat, 21 Jan 2012 09:00:16 -0700



Jan 21, 2012
This morning my all-sky video camera recorded a probable meteor that 
traveled over 40 seconds in duration. I am working on the video document 
and need help from someone who has Photoshop (extended version) who can 
stack the images in order to get one still image which shows the full 
path. The video file is large at 20 MB. I will gladly give stacking 
credit in the final document.

This meteor was traveling from west to east and finally disappeared into 
dawn light at 6:26 am MST. (1326 UT)
Video .mp4 is here:

Thomas Ashcraft - New Mexico ashcraft (at) heliotown.com
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