(meteorobs) I'm new on the list.... help requested

Raydel Abreu Espinet cm2esp at frcuba.co.cu
Wed Apr 3 08:54:01 EDT 2013


I'm new on this list. My name is Raydel, and i'm an ham operator (CM2ESP) and i am also interested in amateur radio astronomy. I have succesfully receive several meteors echoes but where i live in Havana, Cuba all the TV VHF low band is full of splatters and there is no chance to receive anything at all. However at UHF besides the amount of reflected echoes and it's intensity is quite low i manage to obtain many good echoes which i presume are from meteors during 2012 Gemminids shower at 495 MHz.

I have very limited knowledge at this topic but high hopes. Can please someone help me on any of the following two directions:

1- I live in Havana, Cuba (EL83sc), is there any good transmitter in range of 500 - 2000km at the south of U.S.A. in a lower than 100 Mhz frquency which i can use for better results.

2- I recorded only few hours of the Gemminids 2012 Shower with HROFFT and SpectrumLab and got many traces, can someone please check a couple of pictures and confirm if the echoes are indeed from meteors because i'm surprised about the high amount of traces detected besides the high frequency chosen.

3- There are several traces that show many close in time pings, how can i know if there is several deferents meteors, or just only one overdense meteor.

Thanks in advantage.

Raydel, CM2ESP

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