(meteorobs) Weekend Sporadics Meteors Radio Detection

Thomas Ashcraft ashcraft at heliotown.com
Mon Apr 8 13:44:51 EDT 2013

Hola Raydel,

Have you tried 40.670 MHz CW for the SNOTEL/SCAN meteor burst 
communication network yet?  An old yagi tv antenna will work for these 
powerful 100 kW transmitters. Just point north.

I just tuned in and am getting seven meteors per minute at near noon my 
local time.

Thomas Ashcraft -  Heliotown -  New Mexico

On 4/8/13 9:43 13000, Raydel Abreu (CM2ESP) wrote:
> Hello everyone!!!
> First, I want to say thank you to all the members of the list by their 
> support and help. Due to connectivity problems i lost access to my 
> primary e-mail account at home so i couldn't answer the e-mails 
> sooner. In the meantime at work I'm using my GMail account until the 
> problems are solved.

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