(meteorobs) Weekend Sporadics Meteors Radio Detection

Michael Boschat boschat at mathstat.dal.ca
Tue Apr 9 10:39:55 EDT 2013

> When you said pick a few meteors, what's the rate? How many by minute or
> how many by hour, just tell me an average so i can know what should i
> expect with my setup.
> Raydel

 Not many even during a meteor shower like years ago.. here in
North America most stations went from analogue to digital, my rates
dropped 90%

 There are a few stations seem to be on analogue but not many, my rates
per hour depend on factors. It can be 1/hr to 4/hr or like today last
hour I hear 13/hr.

 I will see what Lyrids produce. Not many items to monitor here in
Canada like in the USA. Mexico has analogue till 2014 I think, may be
able to hear them. I do hear odd long duration meteors - rare now
last 5-10 seconds.

 Maybe you could try 67.24 MHz, 55.25 MHz, or 83.24 MHz see if you hear
any on those frequencies.

 I use an old Icom R-10 work on CW mode with dipole but cavity filter to
reduce radio FM noise.

 As I type this I hear only 6 meteors in last 30 minutes.

Clear skies
Michael Boschat
Halifax Center- Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
web page: http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~aa063

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