(meteorobs) Anyone doing infrasound monitoring?

Ed Majden epmajden at shaw.ca
Tue Apr 9 17:07:54 EDT 2013

Hello Thomas:
    Do a search with "google" for:  how to build a microbarometer
There is a description paper on a professional system built in the 
Netherlands in PDF format.  This of course is very complex and requires a 
large area to set such an aray up.  An interesting read, however.  Peter 
Brown's meteor group operates a similar aray at the University of Western 
    Also have a look at this:

    Not sure how effective this would be to detect infra sound from 
fireballs but may be worth considering. I would think that the analysis 
would be complex.   Let me know if your or anyone else is successful doing 
this.  I was trying to find a low frequency microphone, the type used to 
monitor noise around airports but these are too expensive for my budget.  I 
would think thet would be good to record sonic booms.

Ed Majden
Courtenay, B.C. Canada

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>I have started 24 hour continuous all-sky camera video monitoring for
> fireballs in conjunction with my forward scatter radio array.  I
> monitored for daylight fireballs some years ago and would check my video
> at times of strong radio fireball receptions but discontinued that
> regimen as I was never able to discern a daylight fireball in the midst
> of sunlight. I did spend some hours at it.
> Also, by some quirk of radio meteor observing there can be a tendency of
> certain low velocity, deep penetrating fireballs that some do not
> register strongly on radio spectrographs.  In any case I am back to
> recording all day and checking the video at times of fireball hits.
> But, over the course of the year I occasionally hear sonic booms during
> the day and wonder if some of the booms might be fireball generated. ??
>   This then makes me wonder about infrasound monitoring in conjunction
> with video/radio.
> Does anyone do infrasound meteor monitoring?   Can a research-grade
> infrasound system be manifested for little money?
> Thanks in advance for any info.
> Thomas Ashcraft  -  Heliotown  -  New Mexico
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