(meteorobs) Radio Meteor positioning???

Raydel Abreu (CM2ESP) cm2esp at gmail.com
Wed Apr 24 14:54:09 EDT 2013


Thanks to everyone for previous support... Now i am thinking in big. Does
anyone can help with the required equations for determinate the meteor
trail echo based on multistatic systems. After checking for a while on the
internet i found many interesting papers of multistatic system target
positioning, but the knowledge level required is a little too high for me.

Does anyone know about this and can give me some reduced and basics
equations. I am thinking in a "doppler only" system using one of the two
following scenarios: 1-) Two distant transmitters and two co-located
receivers. 2-) One distant transmitter and two (or more) distant receivers.

>From all papers found the one attached seems to have the easiest to
understand equations on pages 1 and 2, but this is still to high level
science for me, can please someone help me in adapt equations for any of
the two proposed scenarios and writed in a step to step way?

I am trying to recruit some physics co-workers to help me to implement a
simple software that given the transmitter(s) - receiver(s) parameters and
receiver doppler shifts can produce a low but yet enough precision echoe
location to attempt to identify the meteor radiant.


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