(meteorobs) Magnitude minus 9 bolide-- probable Eta Cetid member

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Sun Oct 13 15:34:49 EDT 2013

It could not have been observed and appreciated by a better astronomer and  
friend, way to go David.
Ron  Baran

Royal Astronomical Society of Canada / Montreal  Centre 

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observe at jarnac.org writes:

Dear  friends,

On the morning of 2013 October 12, at approximately 10:30 UT I  
observed a brilliant fireball as follows:

Magnitude  estimate:  minus 9
Very long, moderate and graceful movement from SW  to SE.  After major 
flash, the remnant gradually continued  southeastward for a few 
seconds before fading away.

Because the Eta  Cetid shower is already known for producing bright 
fireballs, including a  Magnitude -20 one on 1969 9 October, I suspect 
that what I saw is a member  of this stream.


David H.  Levy

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