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Just received this advisory from the LADEE project - which is of some
impact (pun kinda intended) for the meteor community. This half-day online
workshop can be followed by everyone, it seems.



Thank you all for your patience. We had to reschedule the Lunar Meteoroid
Impacts/LADEE workshop due to the temporary government shutdown. We now
have a new date and time. We are going to conduct our half-day online
workshop on Thursday, December 5 at 2000 UT (12 noon PST).

NASA’s Lunar Atmosphere and Dust Environment Explorer (LADEE) mission
launched successfully on September 6, 2013.  The LADEE mission would like
to invite you to participate in an upcoming online workshop discussing
LADEE and lunar meteoroid impact observations.

LADEE is a lunar orbiter that will fly through and study the lunar
atmosphere. The project scientist is Richard Elphic (NASA ARC), the deputy
project scientist is Greg Delory (NASA ARC) and the program scientist is
Sarah Noble (NASA HQ). LADEE has two primary science objectives.
1. Determine the composition of the lunar atmosphere and investigate the
processes that control its distribution and variability, including
sources, sinks, and surface interactions.
2. Characterize the lunar exospheric dust environment and measure any
spatial and temporal variability and impacts on the lunar atmosphere.

LADEE carries three scientific instruments to study the lunar environment:
a neutral mass spectrometer (led by Paul Mahaffi, NASA GSFC), an
ultra-violet spectrometer (led by Anthony Colaprete, NASA ARC), and the
Lunar Dust Experiment (led by Mihaly Horanyi, Laboratory for Atmospheric
and Space Physics).

Because meteoroid impacts are thought to be among the major sources for
the lunar exosphere and lofted dust, the LADEE mission is working with
NASA’s Meteoroid Environment Office and the Association of Lunar and
Planetary Observers to put together a lunar meteoroid impact observation
campaign supporting the science of the mission. During the LADEE Mission,
NASA would like to work with a network of observers watching for and
recording lunar meteoroid impacts in order to correlate these events with
any changes LADEE’s instruments might detect in the structure and
composition of the lunar atmosphere and the nature of any lofted dust.
This could help us gain a better understanding of the role of meteoroid
impacts as a source for the lunar atmosphere and lofted dust. We would
like to have a broad geographic distribution of observers around the world
to maximize coverage of impact events. Telescopes with apertures as small
as eight inches can be ideal for this type of work.

To facilitate these studies, NASA’ Solar System Exploration Research
Virtual Institute (formerly the NASA Lunar Science Institute) is hosting
an online, web-based, virtual workshop. This half-day workshop will allow
experts in lunar meteoroid impact observation to share information on
technology and techniques, and interact with mission science team members
to better integrate mission science and the observation campaign. It will
also allow an audience of observers with little or no experience in impact
observations to learn from experienced observers and gain an understanding
of the equipment and techniques needed to participate in this exciting
research. Scheduled presenters include Rick Elphic (LADEE Project
Scientist), Brian Cudnik (Coordinator of the ALPO Lunar Meteoritic Impact
Search, Author of “Lunar Meteoroid Impacts and How to Observe Them), Rob
Suggs (NASA Meteoroid Environment Office), George Varros (pioneering
observer of lunar meteoroid impacts and author of “Nudger” lunar
auto-guider software), and Peter Gural (author of LunarScan impact
detection software).

Because we anticipate a world-wide audience, the workshop will be recorded
and archived for convenient viewing, and an online discussion area will be
maintained for continuing communication. This online, web-based, virtual
workshop will be conducted using Adobe Connect. You will be able to join
the meeting using your web browser by going to
http://connect.arc.nasa.gov/lmi/. Feel free share this information with
your colleagues who may be interested in participating. This notice is
also being posted to the lunar-impact online discussion group.

Please let me know if you are able to participate.

Thank you,

Brian H. Day
LADEE Mission E/PO Lead
NASA Solar System Exploration Research Virtual Institute Director of
Communication and Citizen Science
The Collaborative

NASA Ames Research Center
Brian Day/Mail Stop 17-1
Bldg. 17, Rm. 112
P.O. Box 1
Moffett Field, CA 94035-000

Brian.H.Day at nasa.gov<mailto:Brian.H.Day at nasa.gov>
650 604-2605
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