(meteorobs) Bright meteors 21-23 TU Sept. 9th 2013

Esko Lyytinen esko.lyytinen at jippii.fi
Tue Sep 10 15:34:43 EDT 2013

This same model also post-predicts an outburts in 1972 at sol.long 166.935.
I did not yet chect what UT time this corresponds.
Any known old observations of this ?

The base timing for 2008 was sol.long 166.9075 and the post prediction 
to this year is 167.1996 .


> Yes, the cameras of Finnish Fireball Working Group have recorded quite 
> an active SPE outburst mainly between 22 and 23 UT, maximum maybe 
> about 22:20 or 22:25 UT.
> In all we have probably more than a hundred numeric recorded SPE:s and 
> in additon to this quite a number of those in peak-hold images only, 
> from cameras that have no other type detection.
> Maybe the brightest detected bolid (probably an SPE, some difficulty 
> to check because the flash, in most cameras cover also the early 
> track, but this can be made) is seen here:
> http://www.taivaanvahti.fi/observations/show/18219
> Actually even existing data would have predicted this outburst even 
> with timing within about 15 minutes, conditionally.
> This was based on the 2008 outburst and the assumption that it was 
> from the 1-rev trail of an unknown long period comet (and 2008 timing 
> and radiant). That assumption was not certain to be true, but now 
> seeems to get a good confirmation.
> Sorry, that I do not notice in time old things that I have made a 
> number of years ago, myself :(
> Maybe, if I hade been more certain of the assumptions, I would have 
> also remembered this in time.
> My own camera was below clouds and rain.
> Esko
>> Hiall,
>> the cameras in Madrid run by UCM-SPMN have recordedsome inusual 
>> activity this previousnight. I have no accesstothe raw data yet, just 
>> somethumbnails from anall-sky camera, buttheyseemto come from Perseus 
>> (SPE?). Have anyonenoticedother inusualactivity? Theremighthave been 
>> onlybrightmeteors, as in the narrower field of view cameras 
>> theabundance isnot so remarkable.
>> Bestregards,
>> Paco Ocaña
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