(meteorobs) Bright meteors 21-23 TU Sept. 9th 2013

Francisco Ocaña albireo3000 at yahoo.es
Tue Sep 10 17:25:19 EDT 2013

Thank you Przemyslaw. I have seen in spaceweather.com that NASA network has also seen some activity: http://spaceweather.com/archive.php?view=1&day=10&month=09&year=2013

But most of those fireballs were observed the 10th, from 06 to 10 UT:

Moreover it can be glimpsed in IMONET data using Metrec FluxViewer: http://vmo.imo.net/flx/tmp/20130910232308_408394.png (period 09th 20:00 TU to 10th 04:00 TU, bin 45 minutes, others default settings). 


Francisco Ocaña

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Hi Fracisco,

Most of CEMENT Fireball Network observed a brief and quite
      significant outburst of September Perseids last night. These
      meteors were observed mostly between 21UT and 22UT, there are some
      visual estimations with ZHR~ 50. Outburst was observed also by
      radio receivers - PFN28 in Warsaw, Poland and SMRST in Czech
      Republic. Dozens of SPE meteors were observed during this time
      including one large SPE fireball and quite big number of meteors
      brighter than 0m. 


Przemyslaw Zoladek

On 10.09.2013 20:10, Francisco Ocaña wrote:

>the cameras in Madrid run by UCM-SPMN have recordedsome inusual activity this previousnight. I have no accesstothe raw data yet, just somethumbnails from anall-sky camera, buttheyseemto come from Perseus (SPE?). Have anyonenoticedother inusualactivity?  Theremighthave been onlybrightmeteors, as in the narrower field of view cameras theabundance isnot so remarkable.  
>Paco Ocaña
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