(meteorobs) Frequencies no go.

Michael Boschat ANDROMED at DAL.CA
Wed Sep 11 13:00:24 EDT 2013

Hi all:

  Went up to  the apt. roof other night and strung out a 25 foot dipole. I then
hooked it to my Icom R-10 receiver and listened to all the frequencies
I could for 1/2 hour each...a meteor would have gone though by then.

  I heard not a ping. I listened the next morning from 5am - 11am and  
same results.

I went up and took the antenna down as results were zero. I hooked up  
my old antenna and filter and went back to 83.24 MHz and -- heard 3  

  I have no idea how I cannot hear anything on the frequencies listed below
with a 25 ft antenna.

Here are the frequencies I monitored:

55.25,  55.2559,  55.2716,  55.2390,  55.2490,   55.2590,  54.310,   61.250,

61.240,  60.310,  40.67,  38.15 ( Ottawa meteor site )

Clear skies
Michael Boschat
Halifax Center - Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
Astronomy page:  http://www.chebucto.ns.ca/~aa063

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