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Jodie Reynolds spacerocks at spaceballoon.org
Wed Sep 11 16:09:02 EDT 2013

Tune-up a couple six meter beacons.  If you hit the center of a
couple beacons, then you're either all wrong exactly the same way -
or the more likely answer:  your receiver's fine.  The six meter
beacons are in 50-52.5 Mhz range, pretty close to your 55Mhz, close
enough anyway.

When I'm tuning-up the USB dongles, I use six meter beacons, 2 meter
beacons, and air nav beacons.  If I average-out their correction I
get to within a couple PPM across the entire band, even up into UHF
satellite.   Temperature alone gives me more variation.

--- Jodie

Wednesday, September 11, 2013, 12:53:06 PM, you wrote:

>>  However, if you are not hearing anything I would at least
>> entertain the possibility that you are not tuned where you think you are.
>> Paul

>   Hmm.. if I see a frequency at 55.2590 then that is what I type in on the
> pad and use CW mode.

>   I know typing in 83.2400 is on as I hear meteors.

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