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2 Years ago I perfected an Algorithm that reliably detects Sirens using MatLAB. My Algorithm could be adapted to SpecLAB MACROs rejecting the Aircraft signals. The principle is sound and fool proof; analyze the up and down slope character of the amplitude in adjacent bins, then match the slope changes to predictable rates of change. I could reliably detect Sirens 400 meters away in a Microphone mounted outside an automobile going the speed limit on a freeway. My problem is that I do not have any beacons near me from which to harvest test recordings. Any ideas?


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Hello Jean, 


you can try my script. This script Count only, if a Signal has more than 15hz drift. Maybe you can use the 20Hz to supress more planes. With this script you Count Meteors only, that produce more than 15/20hz frequency drift.

please edit the

1.	Audiochannel
2.	target Folder  ( if( (val(h1,"####")==5955)&&(b1==0) ) then fopen1("C:\\RA\\CLab_Channel1\\data\\RMOB-)








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Hi Pierre

I wonder if any software will be able one day to count meteors on my Graves radar echoes, here near Paris :o))

Kind regards




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Maarten Vanleenhove wrote a script for Spectrum Lab in which he it tries to avoid false detections due to aircrafts.
His url is:
However, errors occur.

Following him: "When two aircrafts reflections merge, the script will, due to the signal width, assume a meteor was picked up. When large meteors appear, sometimes the meteors will be double counted" 

I  do not use this script because we detect too many intersections of aircrafts (beacon at Dourbes in Belgium 49.97Mz)

Pierre Ernotte




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