(meteorobs) Bright meteors 21-23 TU Sept. 9th 2013

Esko Lyytinen esko.lyytinen at jippii.fi
Sat Sep 14 14:56:36 EDT 2013

Hi Roberto,

This comet C/1790 A1 has the peri value of about 116. The SPE meteors 
have this about 244 or 245.
Maybe the reconstruction of the sky track and comparison would better 
tell the difference in this (for the quite short observed time span). 
But I think that there would  too big of a difference. This C/1790 has 
(according to orbital elements derived for this) the perihelion in the 
Northern side while the SPE elements would put this far South. I think 
that this is the reason that the comet may not have been detected in 
perihelion returns that have happened long ago in the past.


> On Tue, 10 Sep 2013 19:12:12 +0000
>  Esko Lyytinen <esko.lyytinen at jippii.fi> wrote:
>> Yes, the cameras of Finnish Fireball Working Group have recorded 
>> quite an active SPE outburst mainly between 22 and 23 UT, maximum 
>> maybe about 22:20 or 22:25 UT.
>> In all we have probably more than a hundred numeric recorded SPE:s 
>> and in additon to this quite a number of those in peak-hold images 
>> only, from cameras that have no other type detection.
>> Maybe the brightest detected bolid (probably an SPE, some difficulty 
>> to check because the flash, in most cameras cover also the early 
>> track, but this can be made) is seen here:
>> http://www.taivaanvahti.fi/observations/show/18219
>> Actually even existing data would have predicted this outburst even 
>> with timing within about 15 minutes, conditionally.
>> This was based on the 2008 outburst and the assumption that it was 
>> from the 1-rev trail of an unknown long period comet (and 2008 timing 
>> and radiant). That assumption was not certain to be true, but now 
>> seeems to get a good confirmation.
>> Sorry, that I do not notice in time old things that I have made a 
>> number of years ago, myself :(
>> Maybe, if I hade been more certain of the assumptions, I would have 
>> also remembered this in time.
>> My own camera was below clouds and rain.
>> Esko
> Sorry for bad English.
> I think from 2008 that the parent body of this meteor shower is coming 
> back and this because other comets before their return has ehanced 
> meteor showers as Swift-Tutte or Tempel-Tuttle etc.
> I think too that I have found the specific comet, I wanted to do 
> articles on this topic but at the present days I'm full of (meteor) 
> work then I cannot to do it, perharps Esko or/and others peoples want 
> to do this work?
> The comet should be C/1790 A1 Herschel (Carolyn Herschel)
> http://ssd.jpl.nasa.gov/sbdb.cgi?sstr=C%2F1790+A1&orb=1
> Naturally you must remember that in positive case the orbit it's 
> elliptical not parabolic, the difference in solar longitude can to 
> come from the only 12 days of observations (in this way perharps in 
> some observatory or diary or other documents can to be other 
> observations of this comet) . I hope that the work can to be finished 
> before the rediscovery of the comet.
> Good work!
> Best greetings.
> Roberto Gorelli

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