(meteorobs) [radiometeoren] Re: Question about airplane and automatic counting Spectrum Lab

Paul Goelz pgoelz at comcast.net
Sun Sep 15 13:05:29 EDT 2013

At 12:02 PM 9/15/2013, you wrote:
>Hello Paul
>Thank you for your reply.
>Yes, MP3s of high bit rate are OK, how about 96k bits per second. If you
>can, make them as long a duration as is practical, say 10 minutes or more.
>The idea is to trigger on the usual, and unusual, while ignoring the
>unwanted. If you have recordings of this nature please post them somewhere,
>I will begin working on them.
>Again, Thank you
>Jay Salsburg

OK, stand by.  I'll make a recording for you and post a link to 
it.  I generally use 192Kb/S, so that should be fine.


Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI USA
pgoelz at comcast.net

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