(meteorobs) [radiometeoren] Re: Question about airplane and automatic counting Spectrum Lab

Paul Goelz pgoelz at comcast.net
Sun Sep 15 13:40:17 EDT 2013

At 12:02 PM 9/15/2013, you wrote:
>Hello Paul
>Thank you for your reply.
>Yes, MP3s of high bit rate are OK, how about 96k bits per second. If you
>can, make them as long a duration as is practical, say 10 minutes or more.
>The idea is to trigger on the usual, and unusual, while ignoring the
>unwanted. If you have recordings of this nature please post them somewhere,
>I will begin working on them.
>Again, Thank you
>Jay Salsburg

OK, here ya go.


This is about ten minutes in mp3 format (192Kb/S) as received in 
Detroit at about 1:15PM EDT, September 15th, 2013.  Receiver is a 
Kenwood TS480 and the antenna is a 6M halo (horizontally oriented) at 
about 20 feet elevation outdoors.  There are plenty of airplanes and 
some good meteor returns.  Residual carrier is around 1060Hz and 
there is a slightly lower line as well from (assumed) a carrier from 
a second station.  I believe the other faint airplane returns above 
and below 1060Hz are from the sidebands of the main carrier.

If you for any reason would like the WAV file, I can upload that as 
well.  It is around 76MB.

If you need an extended feed, I can go live for you for a couple days 
via Livestream.  If you can route audio from your sound card to your 
software (like with Virtual Audio Cable), that should work too.

Have fun!


Paul Goelz
Rochester Hills, MI USA
pgoelz at comcast.net

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