(meteorobs) Deficit of southern meteor streams apparently confirmed

Jay Salsburg jsalsburg at bellsouth.net
Thu Apr 3 02:28:40 EDT 2014

Hello Chris

As a matter of fact, Stacking video frames increases sensitivity while
sacrificing motion sensitivity. What is needed is real time stacking to
detect motion, clip the sequential frame buffer to a file and send the file
to a server. What is not realized by those with expensive and cumbersome SD
Composite Video - PC Recorders is that Technology has passed them by. It is
time to adapt current and future technology to capture Meteor activity and
abandon OLD-School SD Video technology. Inevitably, as better cameras become
available, adaptable Apps that run on small footprint machines (Cell Phones,
Tablets, single board computers) will provide a market opportunity. Markets
open when costs come down and technology improves. Let us not get our
perceptions stuck in the past. Tradition is only applicable to the
Scientific Technique, not the Technology of the Instrumentation to use in
the Scientific Method.

Capturing subtle details with better instruments and Apps will eventually
happen, but you have to start somewhere, I do not accept "the way things
are." What is needed is open source code that is adaptable to many different
technologies, but is standardized in its "Method" of capture. Look to the
SDR community for this. Much development is underway by many thousands of
Users to adapt and apply Open Source Software to Software Defined Radios.
This same Mind Set should be applied to Instrumentation for Meteor

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UFOCapture does work with USB cameras. It, and other meteor detection
software, stacks frames for the purpose of creating astrometric reference
images. But why would you want to stack frames for a meteor detection
application? That just reduces the sensitivity to meteors and destroys the
timing information required to analyze them fully.


Chris L Peterson
Cloudbait Observatory

On 3/31/2014 9:08 PM, Jay Salsburg wrote:
> Hello
> UFOCapture does not stack video for USB Cameras. While it might work 
> for sensitive Video Cameras, It will not Stack/Detect Video using 
> modern USB Cameras (and it needs to work on Android). I am tempted to 
> create an App myself, but I am very busy with other (more financially
rewarding) things.
> If I have time, I will create a "Proceedings" document for the IMO 
> Conference this summer, outlining my discoveries on the topic of 
> Meteor capture with USB Cameras.

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