(meteorobs) Large fireball - central New Mexico April 12 2014 0904:28 pm MDT

Thomas Dorman drygulch_99 at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 13 20:06:02 EDT 2014

Thomas NMSU recorded this event. Mayfield camera clouded out
Nice capture from your station I like the way it flashes after it goes below your horizon. Way cool! 

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Video here: http://vimeo.com/91826647

Radio-wise: Note only a faint "pop" associated with the meteor without 
any further residual scatter reflection.


On 4/12/14 10:46 27000, Thomas Ashcraft wrote:
> Very large fireball   Saturday evening April 12 2014 09:04:28 pm MDT
> ( April 13 2014  03:04:28 UTC )
> Multiple reports of a large fireball on the 10 pm local news alerted me
> to check my all sky camera.  I captured the fireball at the far southern
> edge of my camera field of view from my observatory near Santa Fe, New
> Mexico. Hard to tell from one camera view but it appeared to be heading
> north to south. It lasted about six seconds and there were multiple
> flashes as it terminated behind clouds.  It must have been an awesome
> sight to eye witness.
> This fireball might have been picked up by Las Cruces cameras?  Lots of
> clouds tonight though.
> Interestingly, this is another supersize fireball that barely made a
> forward scatter radio reflection and it was right in my radio sweet
> spot.  McKinley also noted that the largest of fireballs often make
> minimal forward scatter.  Very curious.
> I will post my video soon though it is not spectacular being so far
> distant at the edge of my field of view.
> Thomas Ashcraft near Lamy, New Mexico
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