(meteorobs) alpha-Capricornids ourburst on April 7th ?

Karl Antier karl.antier at laposte.net
Sat Apr 26 14:28:51 EDT 2014

Hi meteor observers!

I have a small question, as there a news which was published yesterday on a French astronomy magazine (Ciel & Espace) dealing about meteors, which seems very strange to me...
And I was wondering if someone could explain me where they could have make a confusion!
The news is here : http://www.cieletespace.fr/node/11718
For non-French readers, here is my fast translation :

"25/04/2014 - Discovery of a new meteor shower
We will now have to think about the alpha-Capricornids in the long list of meteor showers that display all along the year. It was discovered based on japanese observations, on April 7th, between 16h59 and 19h33. It is a minor shower, 15 shooting stars have been identified. They are linked to no-known comet. The scientists think it may have been visible in 1980, 1990, 2001, 2004. It may be observer again in 2025 and 2032."

This looks like a potential meteor outburst, but even if I miss all the last weeks discussions on the list (I'm slowly catching up with the lost time), I could not find any references to this "discovery". So I was wondering is someone had any information about this, which could explain this strange news?
Thanks in advance!

Clear skies to all!

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