(meteorobs) alpha-Capricornids ourburst on April 7th ?

dfischer at astro.uni-bonn.de dfischer at astro.uni-bonn.de
Sat Apr 26 14:41:20 EDT 2014

> This looks like a potential meteor outburst, but even if I miss all the
> last weeks discussions on the list (I'm slowly catching up with the lost
> time), I could not find any references to this "discovery".

This was discussed on the German meteor list, though: turns out that there
is no confirmation for this outburst in *any* other data, be it from this
year or others, going back decades. Thus it must have been a transient
event, and while a model with some comet and orbit has been proposed in
CBET 3853, there has not been video coverage for other earlier years and
times when this would have called for some activity. I discussed this in
in the item on the very bottom.


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