(meteorobs) Old and New SkyCam Pedestal

TORU SAGAYAMA torusagayama at gmail.com
Fri Feb 14 20:19:57 EST 2014

Hello, Jay

How are you doing ?
I'm interested in your detailed document. Could you please give it to me ?

Toru Sagayama


2014/02/14 18:47、"Jay Salsburg" <jsalsburg at bellsouth.net> のメッセージ:

> I will soon deploy my newly designed SkyCam Pedestal. I deployed a Pedestal
> over a year ago with limited success. The reason I made another, the
> original is too small inside. The new Pedestal is more than twice as tall. 
> The new pedestal...
> 1. costs below $50.
> 2. has an easily replaceable window.
> 3. is extremely durable in all weather conditions.
> 4. accommodates most modern cameras and lenses without any other device
> beside the camera inside the Pedestal.
> 5. allows easy adjustment of camera and lens with one hand though threaded
> Window port.
> 6. has an energy efficient Thermostat-Fan-Heater combination operating on 6
> to 12 VDC, depending on weather conditions and length of power feed wire.
> 7. consists of hardware available at local, Radio Shack, home store, and
> WalMart (except Camera and Lens).
> 8. is easily assembled with a minimum of modification and tools.
> 9. has no high voltages.
> 10. easily Lightning proofed.
> I will publish details of its construction if I receive interested inquires.
> Jay Salsburg
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