(meteorobs) Comet ISON possible meteors

Иван Брюханов betelgeize_astro at mail.ru
Sat Feb 15 11:38:29 EST 2014

Dear colleagues, Alexander and Bill!

It remains to view images on 2.5 all-sky cameras  :-)

January 11-13 - clearly emerges radiant " sporadic " meteors from the region
Leo, LMi, UMa, UMi, Cam, Lyn, Cnc.

We viewed pictures of all- sky cameras in the time interval 10-17 January 2014.
Ivan Sergei M. schedule radio observations showed meteor background for January 2014 - there is clearly visible meteor activity increased 08 - January 24, 2014 . Attached chart for radio observations in January 2012 and January 2013

Maybe we should raise the pictures and see again in the range of 06 - 26 January 2014 ?

Bill, can you hold someone too similar work - views pictures all- sky cameras and radio observations of the meteor background?

Ivan Bryukhanov
Anastasia Kulakovskaya, Valentin Tabolich, Anastasia Tabolich.

>Dear friends,
>I anmindeed having some difficulty sending this particular message 
>tro meteorobs.  This timne I will not ionclude the piicture; perhap[s 
>that is the problem.
>I believe I might have seen two meteors at about the right time and 
>emanating from the region round Leo.    One was around January 15, 
>and it apperead low in the south, coming from the east in the early 
>evening hours st about third magnitude.   The other one was earlier, 
>but I caught it with my Schmidt camera during its ordinary comet 
>search on the morning of January 10, probbly 7th or eighth magnitude. 
>The image is enclosed.
>David H. Levy
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