(meteorobs) Taurids 02 Nov 2015

Paul Martsching pmartsching at mchsi.com
Thu Nov 5 09:11:04 EST 2015

I went out for a couple hours the night of 01/02 November.  It was clear when I got to McFarland Park, but soon it was 10 percent cloudy gradually increasing to 25 percent clouds.  During this hour I saw a +2 NTA and a couple sporadics, but conditions  were too poor to report.  The second hour was mostly clear.  I was able to watch a while after Moon rise, because it came up behind a strip of cloud near the NE horizon.  

02 Nov 2015 0330 - 0430 UT; 55 deg F; SW wind 7 mph; mostly clear; < 5 percent clouds; average LM 5.6; facing East 50 deg; teff 1.0 hour.
NTA: three: 0(2); +2
Sporadics: two: +2; +3
Total meteors: five

Paul Martsching in Iowa

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