(meteorobs) Fireball over New Mexico Nov 17 2015 (Nov 18 2015 UTC) - video/radio

Thomas Ashcraft ashcraft at heliotown.com
Thu Nov 19 09:47:10 EST 2015

On 11/17/15 8:05 34000, Thomas Ashcraft wrote:
> Slight time correction:  The fireball began to appear on camera at Nov
> 18 2015, 0047:26 UT and ended at 0047:37 UT.
> Might have been a Taurid earth-grazer.  Not sure.  -  Thomas
Update on this fireball event from the Meteoroid Environments Office:

"There was a bright event seen over Colorado and New Mexico around at 
5:47 PM MST last evening. It was a rare Taurid earth grazer, just about 
as bright as the 1st Quarter Moon (magnitude about -10).  The meteor 
started at an altitude of 65 miles just east of the Kiowa National 
Grassland in New Mexico, and moved south of west at 62,000 mph for over 
180 miles. It finally ablated 45 miles above the town of San Fidel, also 
in New Mexico. The brightness of this fragment of Comet Encke indicates 
that it was about 8 inches in diameter, with a weight around 20 pounds."

There have been around forty eyewitness reports including pending  ones 
also at the AMS fireball site. *Event 3469-2015* 

Thomas Ashcraft  Radio Fireball Observatory  Lamy, New Mexico
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